Saturday, February 2, 2013

Eye-Ball For A Cause

Today, may naka-EB ako. But this time, it was an eye-ball for a cause.

Nakilala ko si OG from PR one fine Tuesday afternoon. As I was checking out on some profiles, I stumbled upon his. It was stereotypical. There was nothing much but a few description about himself. It was simple, wholesome ang dating ng profile. But his photos were telling otherwise. Kumbaga sa Photo Classification ng PR, his photos were all soft core.

He sent me a message. He said he read some of my entries in my blog and was wondering where he could also get the test. He had peculiar rashes a few weeks back and was worried it might be related to HIV. That is why he wanted to have the test.

The rest of the conversation was history. We decided to meet so that I could accompany him to RITM Satellite Clinic in Malate, Manila.

As planned, we met in LRT Line 2, Recto Station at around 1o'clock in the afternoon. Classic, old school EB. I asked him what he was wearing (we didn't exchange photos in PR kasi). He said he was in striped polo, with black jeans. Pag-akyat ko ng station, I saw one guy wearing the same clothes as described. The guy must be him. But just to make sure , I called him up. I saw the guy picked up his phone and answered. I looked his way and ended the call. Siya na nga yun.

We arrived at the clinic before 2PM. There were 2 nurses na andun. Ate Let (from ARG, yung sa PhilHealth, not really sure about her name.. Haha!) was also there. And there were several counselors around, kaya masaya yung ambience.

Maybe because it's a Saturday kaya maraming tao. May something yata kasi every Saturday?

Ibang-iba nung time na pumunta ako to have myself tested. Mag-isa lang si nurse na nagtatrabaho dun that time. And we were like 7, or 8 na ini-interview niya. Siya na rin kumuha ng blood samples. Wala rin counselors kaya tahimik.

And so OG started answering the survey forms. Medyo matagal siya sumagot, mukhang dinidibdib yata bawat tanong. After answering he was called inside a room for pre-counseling.

While waiting, nakakain ako ng icecream. Yum! Bigay yung icecream nung isang patient who also took the test. Malamang he's nonreactive, kaya he gave the icecream as his token of appreciation to the staff of the clinic.

Nung time ko na nagpatest ako, walang ganyan. Haha!

After OG's blood extraction, lumabas kami and had merienda sa 711. Naalala ko, dun din kami tumambay ni DM while we were waiting for my result. Kabado ako nung mga time na yun. Baligtad na yung situation ngayon. Nakakatuwa lang. I am just returning the favor. :)

We went back to the clinic. We've been staying for too long na kasi sa 711 eh ubos na yung binili namin food. But before we returned, I politely asked him if I could know his result. Okay lang naman daw sabi niya.

Pagbalik namin ng clinic, they were serving us with spaghetti. Waah! I was full already pero nakakahiya tumanggi. Pero naubos ko. Haha! Dati talaga, walang ganito nung nagpunta ako. Hmpf!

Tinawag na ulit si OG inside the room. Post-counseling stuffs. Maya-maya lumabas yung counselor, tumawag ng nurse. Wait a minute, bakit may ganun? The other guys who were counseled before him, wala naman ganun.

Lumabas ng room si OG, and lumabas na kami ng clinic. He showed me his envelope. He was nonreactive. Happy for him that he's negative. :)

As for why the nurse went inside during his post-counseling, may in-inquire lang daw si OG.

Nakakatuwa lang. While I was there, I was reminiscent of the time na I was the one with the weary mind, the troubled soul. I was the uncertain fella.

Now, in my little way, I know I have helped someone. May 1 point na ko kay Lord. Sana every good deed is convertible to CD4. Ay, magpapakabait na talaga ako. Haha!


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