Saturday, August 10, 2013

That Awkward Moment

I have not seen it coming.

I always hear stories of how two old acquaintances meet up at the hub not knowing that both of them are already mutated. Worse stories would be like meeting the very person who gave you the gift, or that very person you strongly suspected of giving you the gift at the hub.

Another worse thing that I have heard is how two old flames meet again after a very long while and learn right then and there that both of them are already mutants. 

But I believe, the worst thing that could have happened is for you, yourself to experience one of the abovementioned stories.

I was invited to a big gathering of mutants from Twitterlandia that night, which I delightedly said yes.

Truth is, there were death threats if I did not show up that night. Kidding!

For me, it's a good opportunity to give some real pictures to the faces of the people whom I have been talking to everyday in Twitterlandia. At least I know they truly exist. And it's actually nice to meet new people, get along with them, and share life's lessons with them.

But I never saw it coming that one awkward moment would happen to me. One of the invited guests just happened to be my ex, UNO - my first boyfriend. Although all is well between us, there is still that "gulat factor" upon seeing him at the gathering.

As I opened the glass door, I saw that familiar face. Just one look and I knew it was him. I backed-out, closed the door, left the bar and stayed outside, with hands shaking.

I explained to my friends why I fretted. Moments later, he went out. I don't know if he was called by the others or he just went out on his own. Apparently, I have learned that he is currently dating one of my friends, my SETmate, JGZ. Had I known that they were dating, I should have taken caution telling them that UNO was my ex. Awkward!

What a small world, really!

He saw me and recognized me, and I believe he was shocked too. His eyes were wide opened. His hand was on his chest.

After the shocked state, and a little hi's, hello's, and how-do-you-do's, we all went back inside the bar.

Inside the bar, series of questions flew in to me and UNO. I thought I went there to have fun and catch-up with my mutant friends, eh bakit parang nasali ako sa quiz bee? Sunod sunod ang tanong! Hot seat ito? Lols!

It's been more than six years since I last saw him, and for sure we have totally moved on. And I was just glad that we are good.

I just didn't expect to see someone like him at the gathering. Dito ako hindi maka-move on that night. Lols!

We were able to talk to each other for a few seconds or so only. Heedful eyes were on us. We didn't finish what we were talking about. We became their focus of attention again. Hahaha!

One thing's for certain, I didn't get the gift from him. And he didn't get the gift from me. Besides, it has been six long years since we've been together.

We still enjoyed the night. He had his business singing and chatting with his friends and JGZ. I had mine catching up with some friends I have not seen for the longest time, and long time friends I have just met for the first time that night.

I was too busy checking my time too. I needed to leave the gathering early because I had an early work the next day. And or else, my golden carriage would have turned back into a pumpkin. :) Cinderella ang peg!

Until I got home, I could not still get that awkward moment (of unexpectedly seeing someone you knew, learning that he is now a mutant like you) out my head. Ganun pala ang feeling.

P.S.: JGZ, I love you Marsey! :)



  1. hehe may ganyan talagang pagkakataon. i will only be awkward kung may something-something pa sa inyo. joke lang. :P

    1. tse ka! wala nang something something.. gulat factor lang talaga yung nangyare... lols!