Monday, November 4, 2013

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

I just had a naughty LRT experience with a commuter.
He was roughly on his late 20's donning a corporate attire.

I took the LRT on my way to an appointment.
He was probably on his way to work. 

I was standing beside the door.
He was right in the middle of the train cabin.

I saw him looking my way.
He was staring at me.

I stared back.
He was still staring.

I  looked the other way to avoid his stare.
He made his way towards where I was standing.

I didn't move.
He violated my personal space as he stood literally an inch away from me.

I didn't move.
He advanced more.

I swear I could feel his private part.
He was getting hard.

I didn't move.
He stood in such a way that his private part was touching my hand.

I didn't move.
He was then banging his hard private part on me.

I think it lasted about the same time it took the train to travel three stations.
He was quite persistent.

I just didn't move.
He turned away when he was about to alight the train.

I was relieved when he left.
He was still looking at me from the outside.

I looked back jokingly.
He wanted me to follow.

I didn't move.
He wanted me to follow.

I was glad the train left.
He was still looking at me 'til I was out of sight.

I was like the man who can't be moved.
He has just found the wrong guy to tease.




  1. Replies
    1. naught guy.. i think i know where he works... ;)

  2. Naughty ha!! Gusto din ako ng ganyan!! You now have a new reader of your blog :) Hope to read more!!

    1. hahaha! ndi nga rin ako sanay sa mga ganitong eksena eh...