Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unsolicited Inspirational Messages (2 of 2)

It is really heartwarming to receive unsolicited inspirational messages from people whom I don't even know - from people who are members of the popular carnal-knowledge promoting site, PlanetRomeo.

In all fairness, the site isn't really all about dates and hook-ups. I consider myself lucky and privileged to have bumped into some members who are kindhearted and intellectually sexy. They are rare in that site.

Let me spread some good vibes in the air by sharing you some of their encouraging words. May their messages inspire us all.

From: Filipo1986
When: 13.May.2013 - 22:16
Good day doctor. Thank you first of all for being here doing what you do, in this carnal-knowledge promoting site. It does more good than you imagine.

Second of all, are you up for meet-ups? I have a friend who is HIV positive who is a health worker like you and I think may benefit from having a talk with you. Would you be up for it, sir? (Sorry but I really don't do meet-ups.)

From: tagatalbog69
When: 19.May.2013 - 23:43
(This was our conversation after he has read my entry "I Miss Them!")
I understand you. Pero as a parent, walang kailangan patunayan ang anak. Kahit gaano pa kasama ang anak, sa tingin naming mga magulang ay misunderstood lang sila ng iba.

Naiintindihan kita kung bakit hindi mo pa makayang sabihin sa parents mo. Pero as a parent, role namin na alagaan ang mga anak namin. Kahit ako nga na may asawa at anak na, lagi pa rin ako tsine-check ng nanay ko.

Sa mga sitwasyon na katulad ng sa iyo, gusto naming mga magulang na nasa tabi niyo kami. Hindi lang kami andito kapag may masasayang nangyayari sa inyo. Mas gusto namin na nasa tabi niyo kami sa mga hindi masasayang pangyayari.

Ang point ko lang sana dito is bigyan mo ng chance ang parents mo na maging magulang para sa iyo. Andiyan sila para mag-alaga at gumabay sa atin. Masakit sa kanila na sinasarili mo yang pinagdadaanan mo.

Okay. Sana makayanan mo lahat ng pagsubok na yan. Pero sana dumating na agad yung araw na masabi mo na "Kaya natin ito." imbes na "Kaya ko ito."

Magpagaling ka!

Daddy O***
(This actually made me teary-eyed.)

From: akoy_wala_lang
When: 20.May.2013 - 12:08
Hey doc! It's been a while. Still, I really do enjoy reading your entries and up to now I haven't started my own blog.

But right now, I can't help myself but cry while reading some of your entries. I'm not sure why but it just triggered my ducts to release those tears. Haha! Emo mode, maybe.

Depressing it may be, it is a bittersweet facet of your reality shared into words so that others can learn, relate, or simply read what your thoughts are all about.

I didn't mean to sound so dramatic. I just wanted to share a piece of me as I go through your page. Hope I could really start na with my blog. I was really inspired by your blog.

Have a great day and God bless you Doc! 

From: kulaylupangpunongbuster03
When: 03.Jun.2013
I just recently visited and read your blog and what can I say? It was very inspirational.

You're such a good guy for sharing your story to awaken the minds of the people regarding HIV. It's such a sad news that you acquired the disease at an early age but I know somehow that you're strong and an optimistic person despite having such a disease.

I know that you know what to do to enjoy life and to become happy.

I just also wanted to say that I followed your blog.

I'll be praying for you. And just trust Him because He also trusts you. He knows your strength. Just don't stop praying because He will never leave your side.

God bless Doc.

From: payak
When: 24.Jun.2013 - 10:31
I enjoyed reading your blog, promise! Nakabasa na po ako ng mga ganitong blog, but I like how you make your blog more interesting and hindi boring basahin.

Honestly, napaiyak ako while reading your blog. Madaming nagpapatest and when they learn that they are positive they put an end to their lives. But ikaw iba. Idol kita!

Saludo po ako sayo.

I hope to see you when I come back in the Philippines. I want to meet you in person because I really admire you and how you handle things. I really want to hear your story in person. (Again, I'm sorry. Alam na!)

From: Francis92
When: 19.Aug.2013 - 16:20
Hey there! I read a post in your blog and I just wanted to encourage you.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience to the world. So many people don't know the dangers of unprotected sex and its consequences. Thanks for this awareness.

I'll remember you in my prayers.

From: zriko
When: 19.Aug.2013 - 16:32
Sa tingin ko nasa blog mo na lahat ng gusto ko sana itanong/malaman about HIV/sa iyo.

So far sa mga nabasa ko, may mga lessons na ako na nakukuha from your experiences to think na konti pa lang nababasa ko. What more kung mabasa ko na lahat?

Even though I'm not sexually active, malaking tulong pa rin ito for me para maging aware ako and I thank you for that.

From: akoay_pula
When: 20.Aug.2013 13:16
Hi, I just want to say thank you for giving me the courage to know my status. I got tested and ayun, negative. Thankful ako at si partner sa blog mo.

From: Guren_hindi_Tula
When: 27.Sep.2013 - 19:12
Hi! I've read your profile and it's very encouraging and empowering. It's good to know you're positive about being positive. Enjoy and live your life!

From: BjornNakita
When: 01.Oct.2013 - 16:11
Alam mo hulog ka ng Diyos galing sa langit para balaan ang mga tao dito sa PR. Para may time pa sila magbago.

From: Dyeri
When: 03.Oct.2013 - 11:24
Nabasa ko ang blog mo at natouched ako sa kwento mo. I am HIV negative and mas lalo akong naging aware sa disease na ito.

Hindi lang sa HIV kundi sa mga STI's na nakakainfect ng maraming tao sa panahon ngayon. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit sa ibang bansa bumababa ang number ng HIV cases pero sa atin hindi. Mas lalo lang nadaragdagan everyday. Nakakalungkot lang isipin na marami na ang malilibog sa ngayon. Puro sex na lang, umaga hanggang gabi sex. Kahit sa pakikipagrelasyon, hindi na vina-value ang relationship. Basta may kasex lang sila, at kapag wala ang mga partner nila, sa iba naman sila nakikipagsex. So disappointing.

May mga nakausap ako na kakilala ko na ang sabi nila mas nakakadagdag daw ng sex appeal nila ang maraming nakakasex kaysa sa wala. Nadadagdagan ang ego nila kapag pinagmamalaki nila sa ibang kasama nila na nakasex nila si ganito, si ganyan.

For me contented naman ako kasi I'm not physically attractive kaya wala din naa-attract sa akin. Pero I'm not bitter naman. Naging maganda din naman yun para makaiwas sa mga ganyang sitwasyon.

Mas okay na sakin ang "zero sex life" kaysa naman "zero ang life."

Ngayon, I value my life, my health, and of course mga taong nandyan for me, my family and my friends.

Ayoko naman na pagsisihan ko sa huli o sa hukay ang mga pinaggagagawa kong mali. And of course ayoko din na magsuffer ang loved ones ko sa mga ginawa ko.

Salamat sa blog mo. You are an inspiration to other HIV and AIDS people. Kasi yung iba gusto nang magpakamatay, at yung iba naman nagiging rebelde.

God bless you more and keep on inspiring others lalo na sa mga taong unaware sa status nila at sa mga taong active ang sex life.

Thank you so much.

From: tigre_ipinanganakmuli
When: 10.Oct.2013
Hello, my name is M* and I have lived now with the virus for more than 30 years.

I admire your courage to be out about it in an environment hostile out of ignorance.

I'll be coming to Cebu this coming January for 2 months to test the waters, as they say, and if all is well I may move to live in the area on June 2014.

I have been in touch with Pozziepinoy as I intend to support his work and play an active role in bringing awareness to this disease. I hope also to be able to encourage those who are already with it, just by seeing someone like me enjoying my life to the fullest at 63.

I also intend to use my time living in the Philippines to write my life story and document all the alternative treatments I used when there was no medicine available.

I would like to make your acquaintance and maybe we can join hand to help others not fall in that trap.

We will beat this and we will curb the ravaging increase and avoid a pandemic in the Philippines. That is my mission. (Wow! Thank you very much sir!)

From: ardiksigaw
When: 15.Oct.2013 21:03
Thank you for the sharings in your blogsite. You gave me a reason to stop using the site for fun. I was tested non-reactive to HIV and RPR tests last Tuesday. I want to reform before it's too late. Thank you.

There! God's little gifts to remind me that I am loved and that life is still worth living for. Thank you! I mean it.

May you also be touched by them the way they have touched me.

P.S.: I have created an entry very similar to this one. You might want to check this link. Thanks!


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