Saturday, March 29, 2014

Missed Out

Call of duty!

That's why I missed out the mutants' biggest summer event, #RedxSummer.

All my things were packed, I was so ready to go. But then they called in for assistance in the hospital. 

A bit frustrated, I should have been basking under the summer sun, splashing waves, throwing sands and partying all day long with my friends. Not like this, facing my laptop at home, and typing down this blog entry.

Now, my Twitter timeline's too quiet. My Viber has gone hibernating. My WeChat's on comatose, GCS 3. They're all too busy on the island while I was too busy surfing... the net here at home.

And it's killing me thinking of what they've been doing there as of the moment.

At least, I have helped others. And that's the best thing that has happened today that I could think of. Rationalizing! :D

At hindi ako magiging inihaw na pusit. Haha!



  1. Ayos lang yan! Call of duty e. Pero sayang!

  2. Well atleast you sacrificed your time for the greater good ;) I loved how you used the Glasgow Coma Scale to refer your internet life as Severe TBI basing on its score haha ;)

    1. hahaha! right after ng #RedxSummer, nung nakabalik na ng Manila ang mga inihaw na pusit, GCS 15 na ulit WeChat ko and Twitter..

  3. hahaha that "inihaw na pusit" really made me laugh out loud.