Sunday, March 9, 2014

Serodiscordant Fun

JCT and I went up north as planned but never did we expect that it would be raining so hard when we got there. It started to rain relentlessly the moment we took off the bus that we decided to go straight to our hotel and got ourselves a room for two. We've then learned that the place was actually on storm signal # 3 due to the heavy rains brought about by the typhoon. Talking about good timing!

I have known JCT for the last six years though we just met for the first time a week prior to our planned escapade to the chilling cold north. He said he's just curious. And yes, I could feel the honesty when he told me he has not experienced any same sex acts. And that the only gay guy he's been this close and flirty is with me.

We managed to get out of our hotel room in the afternoon as the sky decided to rest for awhile. I toured him around the city proper - the cathedral, the famous park and street, and the un-airconditioned mall. It wasn't really a good idea touring him anywhere else because it was already late in the afternoon and the fog was just limitless.

We returned to our hotel just in time as the rain poured heavily and raucously again that night. It was a freezing cold night but our room suddenly turned steamy hot. We were supposed to be tired from the travel and tour but our energy was unimaginably overflowing.

Blaming it on the low temperature or on our testosterones (or both), we got a little naughty. We hastily undressed each other's coat and shirt. He threw me in bed. I grabbed his bulky arm and he fell on top of me, chest to chest and nose to nose. We kissed. We cuddled. We were simply enjoying each other's warm bodies.

He said I was his first and wanted to grab the opportunity to go all the way. He wished to get inside me.

But I refused.
And then we stopped.

He didn't know I was mutated and I don't want to pass on this mutation, especially not to him. He's getting married soon and probably have kids with his wife. I don't want to ruin his future just because of this momentary fun.

I told him I only do it with protection so I asked for a rubber. Fortunately, he got none. Wanting to do it that much, he said he was willing to go outside the raging rain to buy one at the nearest convenience store. I should have just declined in the first place. Good thing I convinced him not to go out anymore.

Still because of the low temperature and our testosterones, we were as naughty in bed as we have been. We continued on kissing. We continued on cuddling. We just enjoyed each other's warm bodies. But he no longer wished to get inside me.

We both dozed off to sleep as our energy got drained up. The night was freezing cold but the room was nevertheless steaming hot.

Talking about serodiscordant fun.



  1. Haha. Proud of your control! But what if he had prepared rubber that time tsk tsk what would you do? Haha

    1. i can always make excuses... madali lang yun! hahaha!