Sunday, October 12, 2014


My last blog entry and my absence since then have misled some of my friends and imaginary readers about my health. They thought something bad happened to me after that bout with pneumonia. It was a bad experience but luckily I did not need to be admitted. On contrary, I was forced to report for work. Residency really sucks!

Anyway, I won't go talking about some residency shit this time, nor will I be talking about HIV. Let's have a breather, away from the mutant world, and indulge ourselves with God's natural masterpieces.

WN, this entry is for you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I have this keen appreciation of man-beauty. During my recent travel somewhere outside the archipelago, I have seen a few of God's masterpieces and it would be just a waste if I only stare at them. I took photos of them... secretly.

And here they are, presenting my collection of man-beauties. Be the judge, who's hot or not. Feast on! Lol!

It was on the second day of my vacation when these two adventure seekers reawakened my paparazzi skill. It's a challenge to secretly take photos when you're beside them.
Local tourists.
Foreign tourist.
A guest at the hotel lobby which reminded me of a mutant friend. Can you guess who?
The hotel receptionist.
Breakfast buffet or them? Kidding!

More local and foreign tourists on my way to the islands.

Seeing this sight upon alighting the boat would mean that the island offers more, I thought to myself.
True enough!
I thought I would be having a hard time taking stolen shots from this hunk...
...viola! He came walking right in front of me.
Sunbathing Caucasians.

I'd like to send this girl back to her hotel room alone.
This dad is even hotter with his shirt off. Too bad, I didn't get to capture that moment.
Don't they look sweet?
Tattooed guy and his chinky eyes.
On my way back home. I think he's a Filipino.

And our cabin crew.

It was a fun vacation spending it with someone special. The sights, the beach, the experience... okay, including the boys, they're all awesome!

So, who's hot and who's not. I'd like to hear from you guys if we both have the same taste. :)

Disclaimer: These are not photos of gay men, nor of mutants. These are nothing but pictures of random guys I have met on one of my recent escapade.

I hope I have not violated any rights in this entry. *winks*


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