Saturday, November 1, 2014

That Creepy Doll

Dreams like this make me wish I don't experience having that clear and vivid memory effect from Efavirenz.

It's the Hallow's Eve and the hospital staff just could not stop talking about horror stories about our hospital... lurking spirits, wandering souls. Even telling that from the room I was fond of sleeping alone, there's this guy in black with a blurred face who lingers inside. WTF! I have been sleeping there for about 2 to 3 times already.

My third eye is closed and if ever supernatural beings really do exist, they don't bother me. However, thinking about them bothers me... a lot!

So with nothing much to do on duty last night, and having been scared the hell out of me by their stories, I decided to transfer to another room and slept, but as usual, alone and with the lights turned off.

Then I started to have this freaking dream. The dream was set in what seemed like an old building. I was sitting on the floor alone of a well-lit hallway. As I looked towards the stairs, there she was sitting, turning her head slowly looking at me with the signature scary face - Annabelle. That creepy doll from the movie The Conjuring.

I rubbed my eyes for a second look, and she was gone. The next thing I knew, I was already awake, but I couldn't move my body. I could feel some weight pressing my neck. As I opened my eyes, that creepy doll was right in front of my face strangulating me.

It happened too fast. I managed to get up as fast as I can and ran outside the room. I looked at my watch... 3 in the morning, great!. I walked quickly without looking back, and went straight to where my co-residents-on-duty were sleeping.

I was able to get some good sleep after that, and I woke up already at around 6:30 in the morning, just about time to do some morning rounds before endorsement and went home to my family.

Have a meaningful All Saint's and All Soul's Day!



  1. hello po, im hiv positive and me tanong po ako, meron po akong pigsa sa left ankle ko and namamaga na po paa ko sa sakit, wala po akong pera pang consult sa doctor, so far wala naman po akong allergy sa gamot, im taking lami teno efav, ano po ba ang magandang antibiotic for me? thanks

    1. you might want to try Cloxacillin 500mg/cap, every 6 hours for 7 days... :) clean the wound with water and soap...