Monday, May 25, 2015

If You Were In Their Shoes

This morning upon checking my poz Twitter account, I saw in my timeline a picture of a certain treatment hub's hallway with a few masked and unmasked people sitting on the benches, with the caption that goes something like "Ang dami-dami na ng may HIV ngayon." It's not verbatim, but that's the idea. It was posted by one of our blood brothers.

My immediate reaction, I commented on the photo asking the poz guy who tweeted the photo if we were allowed to do that.

Minutes later when I checked for a response, I noticed that he has already deleted the photo.

Sorry, but I find the action (posting a photo of HIV clients in a treatment hub, even if they had masks on) a bit irresponsible.

What if you were in their shoes?

Some people are still recognizable even with their mask on.

Before, I always say that the primary reason for wearing a mask inside treatment hubs is for protection against possible transmission of infection - that hiding their identity is just secondary. Now, I might just have to say that those two are of equal importance.




#imhashtaggingwherehashtagscannotbeidentified Lol!

Disclaimer: I have nothing against posting YOUR photos with catwang-ed or covered faces. But please, huwag naman photos ng PLHIVs lalo na in their treatment hubs. 


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  1. Yes, your right... kaya minsan takot ang iba na magpatest or mag avail sa ART dahil walang tiwala sa confidentiality ng Govt. Hygiene clinics or sa testing Hubs so sad...