Friday, January 4, 2013

Conversation With The Unlikely Fellow

Sino ba nag-imbento ng New Year’s Resolution?

Dahil bagong taon, kailangan magbagong buhay.

Well, I think that should not be the case. If you want to change something about yourself, it should start any time of the year. Walang pinipiling oras o panahon. Hindi yung hihintayin mo pa mag New Year para magbago. If you feel there is a need for you to change your ways, you should start right away.

Just sharing my thoughts. Hindi naman ako galit. :)

Nakisabay kasi ako sa uso. It’s not really a resolution, but recently, I tried to make amend with someone na I don’t know if I have accused falsely, or mistreated. Pinairal ko na naman yata kasi pagiging judgmental ko. Sorry about that.

I’m referring to R, the one who claims himself to be a poz too, and whom I have exchanged messages with.

This is just a sequel and probably the final installment of my conversation with the unlikely fellow.

me: Happy New Year!

R: Happy New Year din. Kumusta?

me: Okay lang. Pupunta ako sa RITM sa January 14. (Naisip ko na it wouldn’t be bad nga naman to “rub some positivity in him.” Kaya I told him my plan of going there.)

R: RITM??? (Too many question marks, not mine.)

me: Yup. Why?

R: Ano yun? (Again, gulat much lang here. Meron nga ba talagang ibang poz na hindi alam ang RITM? Please enlighten me.)

me: You’re R, right? (Baka iba na pala ka-text ko kaya hindi niya alam.)

R: Oo.

me: Okay.

Almost an hour later…

R: So ano yung RITM?

me: Ah, wala naman. Just some place I’d like to hang out soon. (Totoo naman, I’ll be visiting the place more often in the future.)

R: Hmm. Saan yun?

me: Somewhere in Alabang. Taga-saan ka na nga ulet? (Just to confirm if he’s really R.)

R: Sa may Blumentritt. (Yup, he is R.)

me: Oo nga, malayo sayo yun. (Didn’t know where I got this reply. Para lang siguro ma-correlate ko yung tanong ko sa kanya na taga-saan siya.)

R: Sino naman kasama mo pupunta? (I’d like to invite you sana para makapagpacheck-up ka na rin. Kaso, I’ve changed my mind about inviting you.)

I did not reply again. Until another hour has passed…

R: RITM pala clinic mo. Sana makasama ako kaso may class ako noon. (He might have "googled" and learned about it kaya he finally remembered he’s supposedly a poz too.)

Hindi na ako nagreply.

The End.

Whether a poz or a "pozer," he’ll never hear from me again. Our boats will never really travel the same stream.

Talking about New Year resolutions and making amends. Haha!



  1. Hi there, well just passed by and took a bit time to scan your blogs, hope this story helps

  2. thanks, i've been following his blog...
    and i've also read the entry... heart-warming story... :)