Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Perks

I didn't mean to brag about it. And I have no intention, whatsoever, to use it as an advantage but it just happened.

One summery-hot Friday morning, I was on my way home from duty, wearing my scrub suit (with my name and the title MD embroidered on it) when I remembered I need to buy my monthly (4th month) supply of prophylactic medicines (Isoniazid and Co-trimoxazole). Bad news is I didn't have my prescription with me.
"Bahala na." I told myself. "Edi gumawa ng reseta impromptu pag hinanapan niya ko ng reseta."

I went to a drugstore along the way, and asked for 30 pieces of Isoniazid 300mg/tab and 30 pieces of Co-trimoxazole 800mg,160mg/tab. I knew she was about to ask me for a prescription but I saw her eyes gazed towards my name on my scrub suit. She stared at it for a few seconds (must have took her a long time understanding my name... lol) and then instead of asking for my prescription, she clarified how many do I need.

I got what I needed without any trouble. :)

Some perks!



  1. Good for you!

    Wouldn't she have gotten into trouble though? Or rather, shouldn't she have gotten into trouble?