Monday, April 1, 2013

Recognizing And Thanking Some Few People

Lumampas na yung 100 days after ko malaman na I got HIV. I was planning to write something melodramatic pa naman sana about it. But anyway, it's my 105th day of HIV awareness today. Not bad for an entry about my 100 days. And it's April Fool's Day today. Wala namang konek!

I was just thinking of recognizing and thanking some few people who have been there to support me during the critical period of my journey towards the acceptance of my fate, my destiny of being an HIV positive guy. Since my family and friends do not know anything about this, lahat ng babanggitin ko are positive guys as well.

DM - He was the first positive guy I saw. He accompanied me to RITM Satellite Clinic and helped me get tested.

MY - Met him through an online carnal-knowledge-promoting site. We met and had dinner. I had my first good cry after our little talk. Medyo nabawasan ng burden inside. (Ok! Technically, he was the second positive guy na nakita and nakausap ko after learning I was positive, una si DM... but our talk was far more serious than with DM's.)

BR, SM - These two adorable, anemic guys. Peace! Very friendly. Sarap kasama. Crush ko sila pareho. Too bad, BR's taken, and SM's too good to be true. Hahaha! April Fool's!

JR - Eto pa, isa pang crush! Again, too bad he's taken. April Fool's again! (I love April Fool's Day!) Hahaha!

Kidding aside, I learned and am still learning a lot from BR, SM, and JR. Since mas nauna sila sa akin maging positive, ang dami ko nalalaman about our special gift, which is not taught in Med school. Tapos, exchanges of experiences with the meds we're taking, experiences with other people na nakakasalamuha namin. Thankful to have known them.

PP - Si Papa Pards! Ok kausap. Matalino. Intelektwal. Met by chance one afternoon and then had dinner. Too bad he had an appointment that night that we parted ways early.

EU - Do I have to elaborate? Tae ka! You know me too well already! Thanks muchos!

And some virtual friends I have yet to meet. Hindi pa kasi nagtutugma mga schedules namin kaya no chance of meeting up with them. But would love to, really! They are:

KK - Kiki! Kahit minsan binabalahura mo ko! Wahahaha! Pasalamat ka, hindi ako pikon. My alarm buddy. Actually, dami ko nalalamang non-medical stuffs on how to combat the effects of ARVs sa kanya. Kaya friend kami nito. Hahahaha! Peace!

SY - Such a psychedelic guy. :) He introduced me to the Poz Twitter world. Kaya thankful ako nakadaupang palad ko siya dun sa carnal-knowledge-promoting site na yun.

RB - Oy, kelan na nga ba tayo magkikita? Matalino tong taong ito. Ask something kulam-related, he knows the answer. And I believe his explanations about it. He's a very good friend of mine, pati ni BR and ni SM.

Tapos, I got non kulam-people friends too.

PT - Booboo Bear. Magaling sumulat. Idol ko dito sa blogging world. Ikaw na! Makulit. Paranoid. :)

GR - Sis! Minsan magulo kausap. Minsan matino. Hahaha! Umayos ka! It's ok to be foolish but don't let others fool you. Payo ng nakatatandang kapatid.

And all other people I have been talking to, exchanging tweets, and met personally. Salamat for everything. Those simple things mean so much to me. Arte!

I know I'll be meeting more lovely people and I'm looking forward to meeting them, and sharing some of my few precious time with them.

Kahit hindi ko man masabi sa family ko and very close friends about my ordeal, my extraordinary gift, my kulam, I am happy to have these guys around. They make life a little less complicated. Or a little more complicated at times. Haha!

Salamat for being there. Kampay!



  1. Nice! We're all this together!

  2. yup, we're all in this together talaga! tenchi!!!

  3. You must also thank the nevirapine rash for accelerating your melanin-inspired complexion. echos.

    1. tse! anjan naman ang gluta... *evil grin*