Friday, May 23, 2014

Randomly Spontaneous

It's been awhile since I've written a substantial blog entry and I guess this one still won't be one of those. For this one, just allow me to be randomly spontaneous.

I'm not dead nor bedridden for the last couple of weeks. It's just that I find it hard to do some other stuffs aside from my work. I haven't been in contact with my friends for quite a while already. I miss them, seriously. (You know who you are. *winks*) Residency takes too much of my time that I haven't had any time to hang out with them and even do some out-of-town trips this summer. And even if I found time to see them on rare occasions, I always have to leave early. Doesn't that suck big time?

One day, this guy from "Serodiscordant Fun" suddenly sent me a message thru WeChat. He said he wanted to have chatmates because he was too bored when he's off duty. I wasn't born yesterday. I know what he wanted and I didn't give what he asked for. Then came in the flashbacks... about that almost fateful night. Nah! The more he's not getting any chatmates from me. Ayoko ma-Maja! Char!

Not that I'm bragging but just this month, I have turned down 3 suitors. The reason, I am not ready to be in a serodiscordant relationship. The first one decided to end up our 2-year friendship... I mean, my 2-year friendship with him. Ako lang pala ang tumuturing sa kanya as a friend, he wanted more. The next one was like a one-week dating game, and then I just decided to get out of the picture. Nang-iwan sa ere. He was too much clingy din kasi. And for the last one, let's just forget him.

This issue about inadequate supplies of ARVs is really nakakaloka! Plus the fact that I have to return to my treatment hub once a month to get my supply of ARVs, really very inconvenient. Since I can't be absent from work, I've been asking favors from some friends to get my monthly supply of elixirs. And that's when you get to learn who your true friends are. Very heartwarming, and yet some sad truth...

Hillsong United's coming to town! :) I was so excited upon learning about it. But sad to say their tickets are already sold out. Is there anyone here, from my imaginary readers, who got a spare ticket? I'd like to have one, please. Mercy me, a poz guy begging and pleading for a VIP ticket for Hillsong United's concert in Manila this June. *winks again*

Enough random thoughts for tonight. I'd like to rest. Good night! *hugs and kisses*



  1. Wow. Three suitors! That's a lot! Ayos yan! Paguran talaga ang residency program, lalo na pag nagiging senior ka na. Madami ng responsibilities! Anyway, di ko pa naranasan ang prob sa ARV. Sana di ko maramdaman.


    1. Hi Doc, I am one of your avid readers on your blog and I really hope di mo maisipang itigil ang pag uupdate ng mga entries as a lot of people benefit from it, plhiv and seronegatives alike. What i like about your writing style is, hindi horror movie ang dating. You focus more on the positive side of the "gift".. its as if, we, as readers could put ourselves on your shoes and experience what you are going through, and I think this is the best way on how awareness could spread among people..

      Btw i am also a health worker and still waiting for my 3rd moth for retesting after a needlestick injury outside the workplace.. I was declined from availing Pep kasi nga daw mababa ang risk.. well para san pa ang pep?... natatakot ako ngaun kasi parang nakaexperience ako ng seroconversion 2 weeks post exposure.. Im just hoping and praying na wag muna ako bigyan ni God ng gift as i already have my own family to raise.. thanks to your entries that somewhat kept me my sanity, as if they were pat on my back that relieved my anxieties.. Again, thanks a lot Doc! Long and happy lives for all of us! Kampay! :)

    2. salamat for taking time to read my stories... siguro naging busy lang ako with work kaya ndi ako gaano nakakapagupdate dito... and ngayon ko lang actually nabasa yung comment mo... ;)

      don't worry, i won't stop writing... it's people like you and those imaginary readers that makes me want to write more, meaningful and senseless alike...

      thanks ulit, and aja! fighting!
      hope you're doing good. update mo ko sa result ng test mo.
      and oh, ano na nga meaning ng PEP? hehe!

  2. Great to hear that! I'm very excited sa next entry. Sige Doc I'll let you know the final results on August, khit prang alm q na result.. :(.. PEP or post exposure prophylaxis, from what I know is specific combination of Arvs given within 72 hrs post exposure para macontroll and mapatay yung hiv bago sila kumalat sa lymph and blood stream.ayun lang mukhang pinagkaitan ako ng magandang kpalaran and was not given appropriate treatment. will keep you posted hope to meet you some time in tge future pag di na busy :).