Saturday, June 14, 2014

Crying Over Spilled Milk

I know there's no point in crying over spilled milk. Pero recently kasi, I think I have known who gave me this gift... or curse, however you want to see it. No grudge or whatsoever. I just wanted to share this story here in my blog, for the purpose of documentation. *chuckles*

He is PM. And here's the link to our story.

It's because of one of WeChat's feature, "People Nearby" that we got connected again some long time ago. Until just a few weeks back, he suddenly messaged me.

PM: Positive ako, doc! HIV +


PM: Yes, nagpacheck ako sa RITM Malate. It was for free. Got it March 2012. Nakuha ko dun sa second boyfriend ko.

me: Are you serious? Nagkaron tayo ng contact din before, right? More than once?

PM: Oo, pero before yun. Before ko siya makilala.

me: What if you got it first?

PM: Pacheck ka din, pero I doubt it.

And the conversation continued, some which are too private to share. Alam niyo na yun. Things like how we did it and where we did it. Pati yung how we managed to do it with his brother on the other room, na yung rooms are just divided by thin plywood.

me: Wish you well. If you need help, dito lang ako.

PM: Salamat, doc!

me: Seriously, I can help.

And the conversation continued more. I gave him a medical practitioner's standpoint on how he can get treatment. I could not give him detailed information yet. Di ko pa masabi na positive din ako, and mas nauna ko pa nalaman na positive ako kaysa sa kanya.

I don't know. Maybe he's really the one who infected me. Or maybe not. Di ko na actually inisip pa yan. What benefit will I get from thinking about it? Wala naman na. It's been almost 2 years na rin and I survived without knowing who gave me the gift, or the curse.

Nice to know na lang siguro... *winks*



  1. We gotta practice to be safe then :)

  2. Doc if you got infected 2012, will ur cd4 shoot down that fast? Not sure since iba iba nga tayo ng katawan pero is it possible to be that fast?.... i dont really want to take arv's yet after 5 years from my infection sana :( if ever...

    1. i think i have miscalculated things nga... baka i got the infection years before.. or too weak lang talaga immune system ko that my cd4 went too low that fast... i don't know... :)