Saturday, June 21, 2014

Something Noble... Or Maybe Not (1 of 2)

I can no longer recall how many times I have actually visited RITM Satellite Clinic, bringing non-mutant friends there to have them tested for HIV. So far, all of whom I have accompanied were all non-reactive to HIV.

One day in the month of love, couples, red shirts and dresses, cupids, and bitter singles, I convinced a non-mutant suitor, LA, to get tested for HIV. And I thought I did something noble. Or maybe not.

It was a sunny Sunday morning past Valentine's, we agreed to meet at LRT 1 Quirino Station. From there, we walked towards RITM Satellite Clinic. I was too familiar with the clinic that there was no longer any hesitations upon entering their door.

As for LA, it was a different story. He was anxious. He was apprehensive, that something not good might come out. But I assured him. Whatever the result, I'd help him.

It was the same, usual routine.
Answering of the questionnaire.
Pre counseling.
Blood extraction.
Waiting for the result.
Post counseling.
To make the story short. He was non-reactive to all 3 tests. That put a bright glow in his gloomy mood. And then the big grin on his face appeared and asked me, "Edi pwede na natin gawin?"

Alas! All of a sudden, it was me who became anxious.

He was actually pursuing that we do something. (He didn't know I was a mutant.) He's been inviting me several times at his place. Being weak as I was back then, recuperating from a recent break-up, I could not say no. But I could not just say yes, either. And so I told him that if he get tested and turned out non-reactive, (pretending that I was non-reactive too), then he'll have what he's been asking for.

Yes, that's how I got him to take the test. (As of writing, I could not believe I agreed with such an absurd deal. I guess because we're dating then kasi. Defensive...)

We went to his place and he was rewarded. A sexual union between the two of us took place that night and he liked it. Since I missed doing it, I honestly liked it too. But swear, it was a very safe one.

After gaining back our strength, we went out and had dinner before parting ways.

That night, I felt guilty and very irresponsible. Accompanying him to the clinic became useless after we gave in to our guilty pleasure.

We didn't end up being together. I was glad that I was able to see his true color after a few incidents of unfaithfulness. But I wasn't bitter. I was even more thankful I didn't give my heart to someone unworthy of it.

We're still friends, though. Just a few weeks back, he sent me a text message asking me to accompany him again at the clinic. I could sense the urgency. He said he's got something to tell me too. He won't tell me unless we meet again.

So today, we met again after several months of not seeing and hearing from each other. We agreed to meet at LRT 1 Quirino Station like the last time. From there, we walked towards the clinic.

Like me, he was now a bit familiar with the clinic that there was no longer any hesitations when he came in. Anxious as he was before, he was also still apprehensive that something not good might come out this time.


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