Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stressed Spelled Backwards

I'm almost done in my first year of residency training and all I can say is that I'm stressed! And that is probably why I developed this big appetite for desserts. After all, stressed spelled backwards is desserts.

Black Forest cake for my birthday.

Brownie Obsession, TGI Fridays.

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, 8 Cuts Burger Blends.

Some delectable cupcake.

Fresh Fruits on Milk-Flavored Shaved Ice, Lugang Cafe.

Leche Flan, frome somewhere I forgot.

Mississippi Mud Pie, Gumbo.

Oreo Madness, TGI Fridays.

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothy, Lugang Cafe.

Dessert, it has now become my most favorite part of the meal.


And still thankful that I'm not diabetic and not GAINING WEIGHT. *winks*


I tried hard to make this entry a food blog but all it turned out is just like some photo album in Facebook. I'm not a food blogger. Lol!

After much thinking, this entry isn't pointless after all. This just shows that there's really got to be more to life after HIV.

#whatever! #hashtagpamore!


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