Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Get Tested

It pays to know your status, than to live a life fearing the unknown.

Don't live a life with uncertainties. Believe me, it's hard. *winks*

You still have enough time to muster every ounce of courage you need to take that test. And enough time to repent and pray novenas for a good outcome. :)



  1. Hi Doc, Its me htl! I just got a negative rapid last Nov 7th and that was my 6th month :).. kaso nagaalala pa rin ako dun sa mga lympadenopathy ko kxe hnggang ngayon mga 2 cm pa cla sa leeg.... wla namn akong nkktng urti... any thoughts what this might be doc? Still always reading your works and brilliant as always! Ingat lgi doc hA wag mxado patoxic...

    Kind regards,