Sunday, February 8, 2015

2nd Year Anniversary

It was a lazy, cold Friday dawn when my alarms synchronously rang and I just kept on snoozing them. My mind was telling me to get up but my body was telling me otherwise. Thirty minutes later, the struggle of getting up finally ended. I took a quick shower, and ate a light breakfast. I don't want to be late for my 2nd year anniversary consultation.

It was a smooth sailing ride from Manila to Alabang. Traffic wasn't as jam-packed as I expected. It took me roughly an hour to get to the hub. Although, I was still a little stressed that I might not make it to the cut-off time.

Similarly, the whole process of my consultation in RITM-ARG was smooth sailing too. Numbers were called at a faster pace. Vital signs were recorded earlier. Blood samples were no longer extracted at the laboratory. They have their own medical technologists inside the clinic. It only took a long wait in the Radiology Department. I was able to eat my breakfast before I was called for my chest X-ray. I opted not to do the PPD test. For sure, I'll be getting a positive result anyway. Besides, I don't want to get that same ugly wound and scar form that unreliable test. :D

Few hours before lunch, I was able to finish all the necessary tests, and was able to get my 3 months worth of medications.

While waiting for my CD4 count, I noticed a few familiar faces. But I don't think they know me. If I'm not mistaken, one of the guys in the clinic was my professor in med school. I won't elaborate further on the details. I don't want to reveal our identities. He was wearing a mask the whole time that's why I could not confirm his identity. The other guy is someone from my WeChat friends list. We haven't got the chance to meet but I know it's him.

I could have approached them both to make the waiting game a little less dull but I was afraid. Besides, I'm not really that approachable. *winks*

Anyway, I got my results faster than the usual. It was a good news. My count rose from 311 last August 2014 to 360 today. Not bad at all.

As for my friend whom I was with the whole day in the clinic, his count dropped and has to shift his meds from Efavirenz to Lopinavir/Ritonavir. Don't lose hope! Just keep fighting!

I left Alabang at around 3 in the afternoon, and was back in Manila an hour later. I could have gone somewhere else to celebrate the good news but I decided to go home and slept for the rest of the night.



  1. Its great to know that your CD4 count has rised may there be even more blessings to come for you :)

    1. thanks mucho! sana magtuloy tuloy ang pagtaas! :)

  2. nice read. Good to hear you are doing great.

  3. Hello, I am interested in you blogs. I did read some of them. I haven`t undergone HIV tests yet, but I am anxious to be tested. I want to know my status just to make sure and that I could have peace of mind. However, I am a private professional, and I am afraid that someone will know that I did undergone testing. I am afraid that the hospitals will publicly announce if ever there is a positive result. How does it done privately? Will there be staffs to know? How will I approach the clinic staff without someone knowing my intention? I think I am paranoid. I need your advise.

    1. HIV test results are strictly confidential.. if your result turns out positive, they will have to contact you and talk to you personally about it.. :)