Friday, January 23, 2015

Discreet Problems

Sometimes, there are things I cannot fathom about straight guys lalo pag nagbibiruan sila. And these instances, I often caught myself off guard not knowing how to react to these situations.

Take for example these 2 scenarios...

Scenario 1

I was with two of my co-residents doing rounds at the ward when one of them remarked.

AA: Ang bait talaga ni ****. (He was pertaining to me.)

MB: (He overheard our conversation and butted in.) Oo nga. Ang gwapo pa.

AA: Gwapo talaga!

Then MB left to attend to his patient.

me: Anong kailangan mo? Nambobola ka pa eh! (We oftentimes bully each other.)

AA: Wala. Sabi ko lang mabait ka. I love you, ****. I love you very much! He stroked my back all the way down and touched my ass.

Scenario 2

A flamboyant nurse, who always acts like a gay guy, once touched my thigh from behind - crawling his hands in between my thighs until it reached the front of my thigh.

One gay resident saw this and screamed with excitement saying "Anong kahalayan yan? Bakit diyan lang ang hawak mo? Taasan mo pa!

And so this flamboyant nurse repeated the act. This time, instead of reaching the front of my thigh from behind, he reached for my crotch.

And the gay resident and other witnesses to the act giggled and laughed out loud.

I was game. I just stood still and let him do his thing even when he reached for my bulge. (He didn't touch it, anyway.)

Discreet problems daw! Ampft! Haha! Discreet lang ang peg!

Ang babaw lang 'di ba? But I really don't know how to react to these kind of situations.

Paano ba dapat magreact ang isang straight guy when confronted with situations like these? And how do gay guys react?

Haha! Do straight guys have their own set of gaydar in them? And like, how you react to their gestures are their way of knowing who's in and who's out?

Last Christmas, I got the chance to see two of my college friends. One is gay, the other's a girl.

gay friend: Yung dalawang yun sa table dun, couple yun. (Looking at those two guys on another table.)

girl friend: Talaga? Ang galing mo naman sila amuyin.

gay friend: Malakas sumagap gaydar ko, friend!

girl: Eh itong si **** (pertaining to me), bakla ba 'to?

I looked at them as if I was excited to hear the answer.

gay: Hindi ko alam, friend. Minsan nagloloko din ang gaydar ko.

That night after our get together, I was tempted to admit to them. Sabihin ko sana, "Pumapalpak nga talaga minsan gaydar mo. All this time hindi mo ko naaamoy, friend!"
However, I decided not to tell them.

I know I'm not that super straight-acting. Lalo pag lasing daw ako, lumalambot din ako.

Bahala na kung ano sabihin nila. In due time, I'll come out. *winks*

P.S.: Until now, I have only opened up my closet to 2 persons, and their my bestfriends. I told them I'm gay and I got HIV. Both at the same time. :)