Monday, December 17, 2012

The Results Are In... Dim The Lights... (1 of 3)

Parang American Idol lang. "The results are in! Dim the lights..." laging sinasabi ni Ryan Seacrest sa Result Show sa American Idol. Cute niya, parang hindi siya tumatanda. And Jeff Probst too, host ng Survivor, parang hindi rin tumatanda.

And oh, the latest season: Survivor Philippines just ended today. Congrats, Denise! Feeling close. Malcolm's stupid. He should have stick to his alliance with Denise and voted off Lisa instead. Para sana tie ng votes, then they'll have to battle it out who will get voted off. Survivor hangover! Ayun, katatapos ko lang kasi manood ng Survivor: Philippines kaya hindi kagad ako nakapagblog.

What happened today that is worth blogging? Wala naman, I just got an answer to one of my life's uncertainties.

My morning was usual. The usual hard mornings. The usual difficult-to-get-out-of-bed dilemma. The usual breakfast (coffee, can't live without it). And because it seemed so very usual, I forgot to call the clinic to check whether they have the result of my HIV test already. It's been almost 3 weeks na, screening pa lang. And until now, they don't have the result. So I decided to get checked again, this time in another clinic.

And so as planned, I am supposed to meet up with this guy (DM) I have chatted with just recently. Napagusapan namin about my condition, and told me that he knew a place where the HIV testing could be done na in few hours lang, malalaman mo na kagad yung result.

Since it was our first meeting, I made sure na hindi ako late. I don't want to create an impression na ako na nga yung humingi ng pabor na samahan ako tapos ako pa yung late. We have agreed to meet up at around 2PM in SM Manila. I arrived there roughly 10 minutes before 2PM, and messaged him "Dito na ko."

When in a mall waiting, favorite tambayan ko ang National Bookstore. Although hindi masyadong malamig sa loob (siguro sinadya nila na mahina ang aircon para wala masyado tumambay at magbabad sa pagbabasa), it's a good place to kill some time. First thing I do pagdating sa Books Section, "psyche-seeing." Sight-seeing with some psyche in it. It's a fun game. I try to judge people based on the books they're reading.

I saw this one high-schooler, in his school uniform, and big, probably empty bag. He was reading a Kiko Machine Komiks. He's tall, but not as tall as me, raggedly cute (cute lang, hindi handsome), and a bit skinny. Hindi ko siya na-psyche. Distracted ako sa pagiging raggedly cute niya. Hahaha!

Then there was this girl, in her early 20's, maybe. She was taking pictures of some recipe in this cookbook, using her phone. As far as I know, bawal yun to take pictures lalo hindi mo naman bibilhin. Well, si ate, walang pakialam sa paligid basta picture lang siya ng picture. Baka meron siyang gustong gustong matutunan na recipe. Or baka naman, ipopost niya sa Instagram yung pictures ng food with the caption "for lunch!" o di kaya "for dinner!" Social climber! Hahaha ulet!

Tapos, there is this couple, parehong college students (sa pamantasan na hobby ng mga estudyante ang magbarilan at magpatayan). Matikas si kuya. May kagandahan din naman si ate. Pwede na sila. Etong dalawang to, mukhang hindi nila hobby ang kumitil ng buhay. Mas gusto nila ang gumawa ng buhay, gumawa ng baby, as I saw them several times walking through the "Family and Parenting" section.

Well, siguro I do no harm to them naman sa pinag-iisip kong things about them. Anyway, I just keep it to myself. Observation ko lang naman yun. I'm just being observant, that's all. Purely for entertainment.

After I got tired of checking other people out because they're not that interesting, I went to look for the Travel Section. Cautious ako na baka meron ding naglalaro ng game ko. At least, iisipin nila na travel junkie ako, which is partly true. Kaso wala ako nakita na Travel Section, baka meron hindi ko lang nakita. Pumunta na lang ako ng Textbook Section, and read whatever book is available for reading. Nakapagbasa naman ako ng Medicine Blue Book a little, just to kill some more time.

Speaking of killing time, mapapatay ko na rin yata itong si DM. 2:38PM na wala pa rin. Lumabas ako ng National Bookstore. Umakyat ng 2nd floor to pee.

DM: "Anong kulay ng damit mo?", he texted.

ako: "Green. Saan ka na ba?"

DM: "Nasa harap na ako ng National Bookstore."

Haay! Finally! Muntik ko na rin siya iwan. Aalis na sana ko kung hindi pa siya dumating before 3PM.

ako: "Ano suot mo?"

DM: "Naka-blue, nakasalamin."

And there he was, at 2:40PM. Akala ko hindi na naman ako matutuloy magpatest. I thought I'd be going home empty-handed again.


P.S.: DM, peace tayo! :)