Monday, May 20, 2013

Pfizer Calendar

To keep myself busy so that my mind would not be wandering, thinking about so many things, I forced myself to clean the doctor's table: wiped it with Sterilium (eh ang baho, di ko feel ang amoy, I used alcohol and then water instead), rearranged the display medicines based on their expiry dates, stocked up all issues of MIMS according to issue, and threw out unnecessary scratch papers na nakasiksik sa loob ng isang desk calendar.

You could tell that my day was pretty boring. I have only seen a few patients the whole day that is why I had the luxury of cleaning out the table. A productive way of killing time.

And as I was cleaning my table, I came across this 2013 Pfizer calendar, entitled "Inspirations for Healthy Living" which listed 12 things worth doing for the whole year.

I found it interesting enough because most of the to-do list each month really fitted my timeline. Again, to kill time, I copied them on a prescription pad and scribbled some points why it perfectly fitted me.

JANUARY: Begin. Start the year right with a positive outlook. Pledge to a healthy lifestyle.
Alam na. Positive outlook ba kamo? Positive pa sa HIV. Pledge to a healthy lifestyle na talaga dapat ang peg.

FEBRUARY: Remember. Say "I love you." to your loved ones. Make them feel special.
This is the do-or-die phase of my career. Point of no return, actually. And boy, I was so glad I made it. Words like "Thank you." and "I love you." are not enough to express gratitude to all people who have helped.

MARCH: Coach. Share your experiences and lessons you learned. Lend a helping hand.
Since I have fully accepted my gift, it's high time that I share my experiences to other people na ngayon pa lang pinagdadaanan yung mga napagdaanan ko na as an HIV infected individual, through Twitter and through PlanetRomeo.

APRIL: Explore. Go on a summer escapade to a new beach resort. Be adventurous.
Winner ito! Super love the beach. Keber kung mangitim, justifiable naman kasi ng hilig ko gumala. Swim swim din habang may time kahit hindi marunong.

MAY: Understand. reach out. Work out differences.
This is sad. Medyo hindi swak sa akin. I failed to work out differences. And until now, nalulungkot pa rin talaga ako at naiiyak, seriously.

JUNE: Discover. Take up a new hobby. Get out of your comfort zone.
New hobby? Hindi ko alam eh. Get out of my comfort zone? Kumain siguro ng bubog, maglakad sa nagbabagang uling, at magbalat ng buko gamit ang ngipin. Ma-try nga. Charot!

JULY: Breathe. Take a break from the city bustle and visit the province. Appreciate nature.
Again, this is winner! Swak na swak na naman. Adventurerong pusit na naman ang peg ko dito. I have a scheduled flight to Camiguin come July.

AUGUST: Relax. Forget your worries. Have fun under the rain.
Negative! Bawal maglaro sa ulan. I would not want to get sick because of the rain. I'd rather stay at home and relax relax na lang pag may time.

SEPTEMBER: Break free. Play an old-fashion game of hide and seek. Remember the feeling of being a kid.
Syempre, birthday. Getting old, but definitely feeling younger.

OCTOBER: Be spontaneous. Visit the amusement park. Do something unexpected.
Ewan ko ba! Unexpected nga so I won't be expecting anything.

NOVEMBER: Appreciate. Find happiness in simple things. Laugh out loud.
Ewan ko na naman dito. Semana Santa, happiness in simple things? Sige, I'll try to connect those two thoughts.

DECEMBER: Celebrate. Be grateful for the people who love you unconditionally.
This month, I'll be celebrating a year of positivity. So far, the Lord has been so kind to me blessing my life in ways I have never expected. Sana more anniversaries of kulam to come.

Nakakatuwa talaga itong calendar na 'to ng Pfizer. Sa akin nga yata naka-base lahat ng mga to-do list dito each month. Of course, I'm assuming. Hayaan nyo na.

Ayun, after cleaning out my table and contemplating on the calendar, I was left out again with nothing to do. And my idle mind started wandering again about what just happened recently. I hate it that I got no patients to see, just when my feelings are as fragile as a chinaware. Ang dami ko tuloy naiisip, those what-could-have-been's, what-might-have been's, what-would-have-been's, Baguio beans, and the Recycle Bin. Ok, corny, alam ko!

I hope maayos na 'to. I really do.



  1. Well, you still have 10 days remaining for May.
    Start with I'm sorry... regardless of who’s at fault.

    1. thanks! will consider your advice... :)

  2. Mas gusto ko pa amoy ng sterilium kesa sa alcohol. hehe

    Matutulungan kita sa June. Im cooking up something. I'll text you :D

    1. hulaan ko? magbalat ng buko gamit ang ngipin? chos! hmmm... mukhang alam ko na... go! need ko na ba bumili ng apparel for that new hobby? excited!