Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Nakalimutan ko na today nga pala ang second anniversary ng HIV Awareness Day ko (the day I knew I was HIV reactive). Naalala ko na lang when I read a tweet kanina by a mutant friend which says "Exactly two years ago, a test changed my life..." Napaisip ako ng date today and remembered na December 17 nga pala today. Exactly two years ago, the same test changed my life too.

Yun lang sa Klinika Bernardo daw siya, and sa RITM Satellite Clinic naman ako.

This time, wala naman anniversary blues. Or I don't know. Naexcite lang siguro ako magsulat ng blog entry agad agad after remembering today's special occasion. Baka mamaya pag wala na ko ginagawa, pag nagsink in na sa akin yung reason why I commemorate this day. By that time, dun na lang siguro ako magcry cry.

Because somehow, crying is therapeutic for me. It relieves me of whatever I'm feeling inside. I seldom cry but when I do, it must have been an outpour of kept emotions, intentionally and unintentionally unshared.

Last year I cried too much. Saksi ang ibang mutant friends ko as I would not hesitate calling them up lang para umiyak sa kanila for some legitimate and illegitimate reasons alike.

Over the year, I guess I've cried a little lesser. I become emotionally more stable kahit bumagsak ang CD4 count ko, nagkaroon ng pneumonia at nastress dahil sa unpleasant work environment.

Ngayon kaya? Parang bet ko ulit umiyak, just to release some stress. Walang kokontra!

And so today marks the start of another year of my positive life's journey. Still very grateful to God who has always been so good to me, and to everyone who's been with me through this journey.

And to celebrate my anniversary, I bought myself this.

Naiiinis ako kasi I got cough and colds na naman. At dahil takot na ako na magka-pneumonia ulit kaya eto, bili na agad ako ng Azithromycin.

Positively fighting!



  1. Stay strong. Kaya mo yan. Enjoy life:)

  2. Hugs from a random stranger who feels your pain and celebrates with your hope.