Monday, June 10, 2013

First Time Surfing!

I woke up this morning with all the body pains and muscle pains I could ever imagine. I got soft tissue swelling around the part where my ribs are in direct contact with the floor when in prone position. I got multiple eggplant-colored bruises on both knees. My triceps are a bit sore. My thenar muscles are sore too, which is something too hard to explain. But I love it! (Just like how Manny Pacquiao is proud with his body pains. Aray ko, galing ko!)

It's been raining cats and dogs already but it's never too late for a summer outing. That's why last Saturday, my good old friends and I went to the beach where waves are the main attraction and did something for the first time - surfing!

It was fun! Let me spell my type of "FUN" for you. *winks*

The beach, not your typical white sand beach but who cares if it isn't. You don't need the white sand for surfing! Plus, I love the fact that the water is shallow. I do not know how to swim, so less worrying that I might get drowned if I fall from the surfboard.

The waves, they were mild. Perfect for beginners like me. Although at times the waves are too little that my surfboard wouldn't even move forward, I still enjoyed surfing. Just the right waves for a beginner like me.

The instructors, some are damned hot! "Probinsyano hunkie" as I would categorize them in my list of hot guys. Probably, the reason too that I got distracted. The reason why I could not stand up long enough on the surfboard. I kept on checking out every cuts they have in their arms and shoulders. Hotness! Kidding! I didn't even notice them at all while I was surfing. I was seriously busy concentrating on how to stand up on the surfboard, I swear! I only noticed them before and after the surfing. ;)

The surfers, they're too many. Of course, there would be many surfers left and right. This is what the place is known for. And they come in all ages. Sometimes, I'd feel intimidated that they are so good while I've been struggling the whole time to get up on my feet on the surfboard. And again, some are hot. I even bumped on one cute twink (another category of mine) when our surfboards collided. I thought I hugged him. I should have! *winks again* When I asked my friends what happened, they said I pushed him off his board.

The muscle pains. The last time I had this physically-challenging activity was when I did a four-hour spelunking tour inside the caves of Sagada. But lo and behold, I didn't even have any muscle pains at all. But this time, just an hour of surfing and yet I couldn't even move a muscle. Must have been my very sedentary lifestyle recently. I need to move some muscles again and become active!

The experience, it was awesome! I was able to do something new again. Despite the fact that I do not know how to swim, I still managed to learn how to surf. I had something to cross-out in my bucket list again. Yey!

The friends. It's been a while since the last time I got to meet them, about a month I guess. Haha! I realized that lately I have surrounded myself with kulam friends that I have taken my long time real friends' existence for granted. They tend to know less and less of me. And after this trip, I have discerned that no matter how many new friends and people come into my life, this old bunch of friends I have will always remain special to me, and me to them, too. Iba na talaga yung may pinagsamahan for more than 10 years.

Okay. I suddenly got lost here after this part. I forgot how to end this. Distracted.


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  1. spending a day or two with your friends really keeps you going despite all the stress that life has to offer us