Monday, June 17, 2013

First Time Mountain Climbing

Technically, I was not really prepared for the trip. Yes, I was informed early on what to bring and what to expect from the tour, but I procrastinated (something I acquired recently). Ang dami kasi distractions.

I packed my things roughly 2 hours prior to our meet up.

Clothes, they're on the top list of things I needed to pack. Sumobra pa nga ako ng dala. I've learned how to pack light and sometimes I pack too light that I forget other necessary things. Like this time, I forgot a lot of things. And of course, plastic bags for the wet clothes.

Toiletries. Plus my small bath towel, they're always ready. I bring them weekly at work kasi. No hassle on that part. I even brought my sunblock which I wasn't able to use. Ok na rin kasi, I'd feel more malagkit if I had used sunblock at magiging pawisan kamay ko. Less grip on rocks and roots.

Light raincoat. Oh my, and where the hell was I going to look for a raincoat at home? And I realized it really is a must pala considering that my bag wasn't water resistant. And it's rainy season already. Ayun, It rained while we were hiking. Good thing, my friend had an extra disposable raincoat and let me use it. Or else, my things would have been all wet, again.

Hiking/Trekking shoes. At naisip ko pa na mag slippers lang. Buti na lang, I sent an SMS to my friend before leaving home. He told me to wear shoes and just bring the slippers instead. True enough, the trail was very muddy, and very slippery. Had I decided to wear my slippers, I think it wouldn't have made it. Na-RIP na siguro slippers ko paakyat pa lang ng bundok. Funny, I saw several RIP shoes along the way too.

Camera. I don't usually bring cameras when I travel. More often than not, kung sino yung may dala ng camera, siya yung konti lang ang pictures eh. But I still have my phone. I took pictures mostly of the view, and some cute hikers, and tourists. *winks* Kidding! Tapos, I just hid my phone well inside my bag when it rained, and when the path got tough, yung buwis buhay na trail. Ayoko na ulit ibuwis yung phone ko. Lesson well learned.

Flashlight. Again, we don't have flashlights at home. I do have penlight, but what help would it give me. Haha! Flashlights do come in handy especially if you plan to trek at night or if ever maabutan na ng gabi while trekking. On the lighter side, we were able to descend just in time before the sun has set. So no need for flashlights.

First aid kit. Again, I don't have this. Naturingang doktor! Haha! Thanks God, nothing bad happened to us. Just some minor slips, butt first, a few cuts and abrasions on the hand. Kapit lang ng kapit kasi kung saan pwede. Putik kung putik din tuloy ang mga kamay ko.

Trail food. I was not really prepared. I was cramming myself packing that I forgot to eat my breakfast. I left home with an empty stomach, with no prepared lunch, no baon to eat along the way. But while waiting for the bus, I took the opportunity to buy some food at a nearby fast food restaurant. I bought something for my breakfast and for my lunch.

Water. I brought a liter of water. But my friends told me to buy at least another extra liter. On my defense, I told them that I don't drink that much. Pero, while trekking, wala pa yata 15 minutes, I already perspired a liter of sweat already. Dagdag mo pa dun yung insensible water loss from breathing. I was tachypneic, nakakahingal pala. Kahit mabigat ang tubig, very handy siya sa trekking.

Overall, my first time mountain climbing was still good. I may have not been prepared but I did it. Enjoy sobra!

I made it through the muddy trail uphill and downhill. I slipped and fell a couple of times but I managed to stand up graciously. *beauty queen wave* I was able to reach the summit of the mountain and was rewarded by being able to see the famous, majestic falls at the end of the trail.

And most of all, I got to experience something different again this time. Another item crossed-out from my bucket list. Thanks to Booboo Bear, naging swak yung inspirational to-do list ng Pfizer calendar sa akin. :) Again, thanks muchos!

P.S.: Konti na lang mauubos ko na rin bucket list ko. Pwede na ma-RIP tulad ng mga shoes sa trail. Charaught!



  1. Replies
    1. ndi naman friend... yung bundok na pang beginner lang... ;)

  2. ahh i see, ako kasi been wanting to try Mt. Pulag pero ang nagagawa ko pa lng is ung sa Mt. Pinatubo haha and hindi pa nga siya talaga counted as mountain climbing

    1. i haven't been to Mt. Pinatubo.. i was invited sa Mt. Pulag later this year pero not sure if makakasama ako...

    2. if you can join sa Mt. Pulag... do so, heard from a lot of people na it's really great (breathtaking view) and if you can, take pictures and post it ahaha so we can see

      as for Mt. Pinatubo, don't try it during this quarter, delikado pag maulan, kame before we have ti hurry back kasi umuulan na, kaya medyo delikado na nung pababa kame, pero it's also nice lalo na pag dating nyo mismo dun sa crater lake. And warning lang din... super lamig ung tubig ahaha and don't stay for too long sa tubig super titigas buhok mo hahaha

    3. yep, maybe next year na yung sa mt. pinatubo ko... quota na ko sa mga lakad ko this year... :)

      nakakatuwa lang, kung kelan pa ako nagkasakit, tsaka naman ako nagkaron ng chance na gawin mga bagay na gusto ko gawin...

      ultimate dream, makapag bungee jump, after that pwede na ko ma RIP.. again, charaught lang. :)

    4. with or without it we should live and love each moment :D look at it na lng in a positive way, like we always say "things happen for a reason"

      it's a matter of what will you do to make your life worthwhile, just know na there will always be people around you who'd be there by your side till the very end

      ako after ng bungee jump literally I'd die (sa takot) hahaha takot ako sa free fall, ni hindi pa nga ako nakakasakay sa Space Shuttle sa EK eh ahaha, cguro un ang next na iconquer ko ahaha

    5. "ako after ng bungee jump literally I'd die (sa takot)"

      hahaha! gusto ko yan! start with small things, desensitization... conquer your fear... :) pag ako sinama mo sa EK, pipilitin kita sumakay ng Space Shuttle...

  3. many have tried, andun na ako sa pila for like several times pero right when i'm about to ride na dun ako tinatamaan lagi ng takot ung tipong nanginginig na ung tuhod ko ahahaha so mag back-out ako ahahaha

    pero next time subukan ko na talaga (sana lng matagal tagal pa tong next time para may time to think it over) ahaha