Monday, June 3, 2013

Unexpected Yet Fun

It was an unexpected yet fun meet-up with some beautiful entities from Twitterlandia last night. Aside from the SET, this was the second time I got to meet mutated people. (Meeting them in RITM does not count.) And as always, it's fun being with them.

 It was not really my first time in Wai Ying Fastfood in Binondo where we had our dinner last night. I realized I have actually been there more than twice or thrice already when I was going out with this guy of Chinese descent a few years back. Chinese cuisines ang lagi namin peg that time. He wanted to discover his roots daw kasi and sa akin naman, I wanted to try something new. Ok, that was some nice-to-know info.

Anyway, the place (Wai Ying) seemed too crowded and people who eat there are really diverse, coming from all walks of life. From the teens to the oldies, from Chinese families to Filipino working class, dagdag mo na rin us, the beautiful and fabulous people. :) I could say na sa dami ng tao na kumakain dito, this place must be really highly recommended if you wanted to try Chinese food.

The food... I am not a food critic and whenever I eat, I just basically munch up and devour anything that's on my plate. I can't recognize each individual flavors that make up each dish. All I know is that foods are either good or bad. That's it. Totoxic-in ko pa ba sarili ko na alamin yung texture, blending ng different tastes ng mga pagkain?

The food was authentically Chinese, sumptuous and reasonably cheap. Ganun na lang. Keri na yun as description ko sa food na kinain ko. And it made me full naman. That is what matters most.

We later headed to The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, Manila, went straight to its Sky Deck View Bar. I have never been there and the view was just spectacular. Although, humid ang air from the top, keri na rin kasi maganda yung view of the Manila night sky.

Again, hindi ako hotel critic. Pero according to one of my friends, basta daw may TripAdvisor recommendation ang isang hotel, maganda yun. Well, The Bayleaf boasts its coveted Trip Advisor's Traveler's Choice Award for 2013. Mukha namang they deserve it.

Ayun na nga, my beautiful friends and I had a few chat, and a few drinks while we were there. Ako, I had tea lang. Nakatutuwa naman sila kasama. First time ko makasama yung group nila, although I have met some of them on separate occasions, @Possiecat83 aka Kiki, @iLuvMyPossiecat, @QueerBeauty, @VickyBeki, @PhyroHunter and @PositiveIsko.

Umuwi din kami at around 10PM. Good na rin kasi ayaw ko maabutan ng hilo sa daan. I was full pa rin kasi nung mga time na yun and I believe (yes, I believe) that mas mabilis and mas intense ang hilo effect ng Estiva when I'm full. Ayun, I got home at around 10:30.

I had a fun night with them.

Nakakatuwa kasi kahit all my life I have been living in Manila, there are places I still have to discover. Yung akala ko kabisado ko na ang Maynila pero hindi pa rin pala. And parang sa Twitterlandia lang din, I have been interacting with most of them virtually pero masaya pa rin if you get along with them in person. Yung akala mo kilala mo na sila just by talking with them through tweets, DM's, text messages, Viber, WeChat, pero mas nakikilala mo sila when you meet and mingle with them in person.

Just me thinking. :)

'Til next time.



  1. It's good to be out with friends for dinner and drinks. That's one of the things I enjoy. I might try out the Sky Deck View bar at Bayleaf Hotel next time I visit.

    1. You should! Hindi ko lang masyado nabigyan ng hustisya yung pagdescribe ko sa Sky Deck but it's cool up there... :)