Monday, October 14, 2013

Gathering Of The Mutants

I don't know about the numbers but I think the other night's gathering of the mutants was one of the biggest I have attended.

Despite the number of attendees, I was relieved that I have not met anyone I personally know. All the new faces I have seen that night were unfamiliar. Unlike what happened to the last gathering I attended.

Funny, witty, and gorgeous people from all walks of life gathered together in that one event. Who would have thought that all of us there are mutants? No one could really tell. Nakakatuwang isipin that it's our condition that bound us all together that night. Nonetheless, good vibes, camaraderie, and love surrounded the place.

It's good to have a breather every once in awhile from all the dramas that linger around our "positive life."

It was really nice to see my friends again - those people who were with me from the time I was diagnosed (you know who you are), those people whose friendship was formed by SET (though I know it's impossible for us to be complete, but who knows...), and those people whose friendship was formed by constant communication through social networking sites.

It's good to see new faces in the crowd too. Undeniably, our population is growing at a fast rate. More and more people are joining the club. I may not know all but I do hope all is well for them.

Sa sobrang dami ng attendees, it's hard to recognize all of them. Maybe next time, we should be wearing name tags (using our Twitter handle) for easier recognition. Hahaha!

For one, the rapid increase of HIV cases in our country may be attributed to the increase in awareness of the people regarding HIV screening. More and more people are getting tested, thus the increase in HIV cases. Who knows, HIV cases in our country is really that high to begin with. The rapid increase in the statistics is just being felt now because more people with HIV are being reported. (Just my thoughts on the matter.)

And the more people learn about their status, the more they become responsible with their actions. Sana! Sabay sabi "HIV stops with me."

Anyway, kudos to the people behind the big event - CRLOM, and JSC's joint birthday celebration. Thanks to the overflowing food, desserts, and drinks. (I think I got drunk.)

More blessings and more birthdays to come!

Birthdays. More fun in Twitterlandia. More fun the mutant way.


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