Monday, December 10, 2012


After lunch, I suddenly remembered that I have to call the clinic to check if the result of my HIV test is already with them.

As I dialed their number, I had the same heart-pounding feeling as last time. Kumakabog pa dibdib ko when the nurse then spoke. And so I asked if my result is already with them. She told me to wait for a few minutes.
"Never mind I'll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you..."

I could hear the sound of turning pages, and that familiar song in the background. Uma-Adele si ate.

Pagbalik niya sa phone, and to my dismay, sabi niya wala pa rin daw yung result. Try ko na lang daw ulet tumawag next week. Ang tagal na nun ha... Hindi kaya na-misplace lang nila or something. Hindi daw. Recently daw kasi, there has been many delays from their laboratory. Haay! Government hospital nga naman...

Sige na lang, maghintay. "Pwede ko po malaman name nila?" I asked the nurse.

"Dang. Nurse Dang po."

"Okay, thanks!"


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