Friday, December 14, 2012

Why He Won't Let Go...

It was my ex-partner's birthday the other day. And I thought it would be like any other ordinary day for me, but I was wrong.

Here's a quick background of our story.

For the last few months of our relationship, he turned cold. He won't answer back my calls, reply to my text messages, and would only answer when he wanted to. I talked about it with him, and he was pretty convincing with his alibis. But still, the same cold treatment I got from him after trying to resolve the issue. And so I decided to break-up with him twice already (it hurts, actually...), but he just won't let go. Yet he didn't do anything to make it up for us. Until 2 weeks ago, I decided that it is finally over. Although he still won't let go, I stood firm with my decision.

 2 weeks have passed, we had no communication. I unsubscribed from his Facebook page, no calls, no text messages. Until he had his birthday the other day, I didn't greet him. Just once, I tried to check on his Facebook on the night of his birthday. And there I saw his birthday album with pictures of him alone in his apartment with all the arranged balloons, rose petals on the floor, a cake and a giant stuffed toy on his table. My weary mind's first instinct is that it could not have been a group of people who surprised him, cause had it been a group, he would have pictures with them. The pictures were all solo pictures of him. And who would care to surprise someone, unless he means special to that person.

The moment I finished checking the pictures, I deleted him in my Facebook friends, without having any second thoughts. Impulsiveness.

Stupid me! I should not have checked his Facebook na lang kasi... Na-delete ko tuloy siya sa Facebook ko.

Well, at least, it answered one of my questions as to why he turned cold. A third wheel. But still clueless as to why he won't let go.

I wasn't able to sleep well that night. Still affected. And right now, I am still emotionally stressed. Plus the fact that I still do not have the result of my HIV test.



  1. "But still clueless as to why he won't let go. "

    - He wants his options open yun lang.

    1. hmm... haven't really though of that before... hahaha!

    2. it didnt occur to you? hhhmm.. maybe you really are blinded by the so called love then.

      let go of the past and move on. look oh... ganda ng future *winks*

    3. yea, i was, sobra... almost a month na rin naman.. so far, i'm good.. magandang diversion din itong blogging... thanks! :)

    4. Nothing is displaced until its replaced ;)