Friday, December 7, 2012

My First Take

For the past 5 years, I've been writing my thoughts in my diary. And despite my busy schedule, I find time to write down entries into it. Yes, nakakapagod magsulat, but I feel relaxed after I've written something. It's like I got my own personal confidant to whom I share my thoughts, ideas, hidden desires, grunts and whines, unforgettable moments, anything... Yun nga lang, I never get responses from it.. Haha!

I wanted to preserve my memories. (I don't think my memory's serving me well enough na kasi...) Then in the future, long after I'm gone, they'll find my diary, read it, publish it, and make a movie out of it. Nah! Wishful thinking! ;)

Now, this is my first take in blogging. I'm not really good in writing. Or may be I was good at it, hindi na lang ngayon. I used to be a writer in our school organ during my Grade School and High School years. Magaling pa ko sumulat noon. My writing skills must have deteriorated after the gruesome years of medical education. Or baka naman, totoo nga yung theory ni Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, on "Use and Disuse."

 Enough of the long introduction.

I am actually worried. Why? I'll tell my story on my next blog...



  1. haha pareho lang tayo ng reason. I used to write in a diary. therapeutic talaga siya. kaya nga lang walang response. hehe.

    nice to stumble on your blog as recommended by Pong :D

    1. i still write on my diary now...
      coz i still have that dream of my diary being published in the future.. haha!
      and my diary is not something fancy, yung may lock pa and all..
      galing lang sya sa unused leaves from my Cattleya notes during my high school days, sewn together...

  2. I think any form of outlet is therapeutic.